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The future of the iGaming sector in Estonia in 2024 and beyond

As the technology evolves, the iGaming industry is seeing some trends it will likely follow. Undoubtedly, the iGaming sector is set to grow in the coming years, but what exciting trends can we expect from online casino websites in Estonia and around the world? Look at some of the main trends predicted for the iGaming sector shortly.

Casinos continue to move into the online environment

There has already been a notable trend for land-based casinos to move their operations online, and many countries have regulated online casinos in recent years. This trend is likely to continue in the iGaming sector in the foreseeable future. As the number of online casinos increases, land-based casinos will have lower profits.

In line with the trend towards the web, mobile casino gaming has also become very popular, with online casinos offering mobile-friendly platforms seeing a rapid increase in players. Most people can access smartphones, and playing casino games on these devices is increasingly convenient. All this allows different users to access games. All they need is a smartphone and an internet connection to enjoy all that the iGaming sector offers.

For Estonia and Estonians, the move to the internet by foreign casinos means more choices, if some of these foreign online casinos also obtain a license to operate legally in Estonia.

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more widely used

Cryptocurrencies have gained popularity in the iGaming space in recent years, as the iGaming space is often seen as the first to embrace technological innovation and new ideas.

The future of cryptocurrencies and iGaming goes hand in hand. Many online casinos have started accepting cryptocurrency payments, and the iGaming sector is expected to become even more integrated with cryptocurrencies in the coming years.

Players can use cryptocurrencies as their primary payment method when playing at crypto casinos, meaning deposits and withdrawals will be made using cryptocurrencies. This benefits players for several reasons, including the speed of transactions. Many also consider gambling with cryptocurrencies a safer alternative to playing with FIAT currencies.

Cryptocurrencies have enabled the development of new games only available in crypto casinos. More and more game developers will likely create new games focusing exclusively on cryptocurrency.

The licensing and regulation of casinos using cryptocurrencies need to catch up with real life, as there are currently virtually no laws regulating cryptocurrencies anywhere. The use of blockchain technology, however, offers many advantages to the iGaming sector, including additional security, and regulatory bodies in Estonia and elsewhere in the world should start working on regulations that would include the use of cryptocurrencies in a regulatory manner for traditional iGaming businesses shortly.

The popularity of live casino games is here to stay

Live casino games combine the convenience of online casino gaming with the excitement of an instant land-based casino experience. These games give players an interactive experience and the opportunity to interact with the dealer and other players.

The rise in popularity of live casinos can be seen across the iGaming industry, and many game developers have started to create exciting games specifically for live casinos.

The popularity of live casinos in the iGaming industry will remain the same for the foreseeable future, if not skyrocket. Many players prefer to play specifically at live casinos as they consider it to be the best experience that gambling can offer.

Artificial intelligence improves the user experience in the iGaming industry

The broader adoption of artificial intelligence is controversial, yet it continues to amaze people with its various possibilities. Almost all sectors benefit from the significant impact of improvements in this technology, and the gaming industry is no exception.

Combining artificial intelligence and machine learning promises many benefits to the iGaming sector. It will help to deliver better customer service through automated chatbots and create a highly personalized gaming experience.

AI will also help to bring additional security to the iGaming sector. It can add extra protection through automated firewalls to keep player data safe. AI can also help spot high-risk behavior and fraudulent transactions.

Virtual reality (VR) is expected to grow in importance

The immersive gaming experiences of virtual reality are creating new opportunities for iGaming. Some casinos offer players the chance to become part of a virtual environment while playing.

The gaming industry is still experimenting with VR games and virtual worlds. Soon, however, we should see augmented reality real-money games.

On the other hand, many players do not see the value of virtual reality gaming in iGaming, claiming that the high prices involved in setting it up are not reasonable. For example, Meta’s unfortunate share price drop after introducing the Metaverse project in late 2022 did not motivate people to look more into this trend.

Streaming gaming is moving beyond Twitch

Has Twitch banned gambling? Technically no. The platform banned streaming gambling on websites that don’t have the necessary license from regulators. Unlicensed websites are unsafe, and the lack of regulation allows for illegal and unfair practices. This ban was prompted by lawsuits against streamers who admitted to defrauding users.

Regardless of the reasons for the ban on unlicensed websites, streaming will move on from the Twitch platform and find a new home in the iGaming streaming space. There are also several streamers in Estonia working with local online casinos to both popularise their services and introduce a range of new games.


Opening emerging markets

The trend over the last few years has been the emergence of new markets in the iGaming sector, and this trend is expected to continue as many countries update their online gambling laws. More players from new regions will join the iGaming industry shortly.

The iGaming sector is expected to double its revenues in the next seven years. This world is constantly evolving with new technology and legislation. These aspects will play a massive role in the expected growth and trends of the iGaming sector.

In Europe, many new countries are adopting laws to legalize online gambling. Similarly, South American countries have changed their perspective – Brazil alone is expected to add at least $10 billion to the iGaming industry by 2025.

To sum up the trends in the iGaming sector shortly

Combining an evolving industry with new technological advances means endless opportunities for the iGaming industry. We see the iGaming sector continuing to grow in the coming years, both in Estonia and globally. Many new countries accept online gambling in their jurisdictions, adding billions of euros to annual revenues.

Real-time live casino games have been popular over the past few years, and players will continue playing games that allow an interactive experience. We should also see more companies in the iGaming sector developing games specifically for the live casino space shortly.

New technology and the emergence of artificial intelligence will enable a personalized gaming experience and better customer service. AI will also enhance the security of games by detecting fraudulent and high-risk activities. Cryptocurrencies offer many of the same benefits: faster transactions and the developing of new games. It is attractive to players all over the world.

The future of virtual reality is still in question. New technology enables virtual reality to create exciting and immersive experiences. If this trend catches on, online casinos will likely be among the first places to embrace this technology.

Regardless of what trends in the iGaming sector become a reality shortly, there is no end to the growth of online casinos. People like to bet on sports and play casino games. New technology is forcing every company in the gaming industry to improve their games to keep up with the changing landscape.

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