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15 Slots Myths & Misconceptions Debunked!

Slots are one of the earth’s oldest casino games. Thus, it is not surprising that there are several slot myths.

Slot myths and misconceptions have a lot to do with gamblers finding it hard to come to terms with a game based on chance and luck. “There must be a trick”, said every gambler.

1. Slot Machines Have Hot Streaks and Cold Streaks

Truth – Outcomes of slot machines are always random.

Slot machines are created in a way that makes every spin unique and random. This means that there is no such thing as hot streaks and cold streaks in an online slot. Even when you play at a physical slot machine, you can expect to get random outcomes from each of your spins.

Even when players feel they have a slot figured out, it is mostly a matter of coincidence. The idea of hot or cold streaks is basically one of the many slot myths.

2. Slots That Just Paid a Jackpot Won’t Pay Another One For a While

Truth – Jackpot wins are totally random.

The chances of winning are not related to previous spins for each spin. For instance, a slot can pay jackpots in successions if a player gets lucky.

Many misconceptions and slot myths are connected to the hypothesis that the odds of winning are somehow affected by things that have no impact whatsoever. Every slot player wants to feel secure, believing that certain slot strategies or tips will help them stay safe or increase their winning chances in a specific slot machine. However, whether a slot has paid a jackpot in recent times or not, winning still boils down to luck.

3. Slot Machines Pay Out Cyclically

Truth – Slots payout randomly therefore cycles can happen but only randomly.

Slot payouts don’t work on any form of cyclical basis, but many players have come to buy into the idea of slots being predictable using some form of math calculation. If we’re talking about deciding the future of individual spins, and somehow the slot machine hasn’t been corrupted, then its action can not be predicted. Thus, unless you play a slot that has been compromised, there is no such thing as a cyclical payment pattern.

4. Online Slots Are Not As Fair As Land-based Casino Slots

Truth – Both use a random number generator and an RTP to decide on payouts.

Whether you play on an online slot machine or you choose a land-based casino slot, the slot’s RTP and variance are what decide when and how much you win. Online slot machines operate much the same as land-based machines, except that they can be played anywhere and anytime.

Fairness in one slot type over another is one of many slot misconceptions. Both online and offline machines use a Random Number Generator system to make it equal for all matches.

5. Slot Machines Pay More During Quieter Periods of the Day

Truth – A machine’s payout rate is not updated or variable; it stays the same.

One of the many slot myths that have no logic is this one. And if a casino could easily alter their devices’ payout rate, why would they want to attempt to do so whenever they get busy or slow down? It really makes no sense.

Please rest assured that, irrespective of how many players there are, your odds of winning from any specific slot machine are precisely the same.

slots myths and misconceptions
We debunk the most common myths and legends about land-based and online casino slots.

6. Casinos Favor VIPs & High Rollers to Win Progressive Jackpots

Truth – Casinos can’t do that, it’s illegal, and they can’t choose who wins what and when.

Anyone can play and win a progressive jackpot. The only small hint of truth to this myth is that for certain online slots, where the amount risked per spin is greater, the odds of winning the progressive jackpot are greater.

This means that a progressive jackpot will be more likely to be won by those playing for higher stakes, but online casinos do not govern who wins a progressive jackpot. Besides, it’s illegal for casinos to be biased, so this is just a myth.

7. Using Auto Play Features Pays Less Than Manual Spins

Truth – The payout rate of a slot machine has nothing to do with the way it is operated.

How you choose to spin the reels does not affect the payout rate of an online slot. In essence, this is one of the slot myths in the same line as that of land-based machines, where people assume that pulling the lever offers a greater chance of winning than pressing the button. An auto-spin feature’s main aim is to relieve players of the stress of repeatedly playing when they can do so automatically. This means it helps to speed up gameplay.

8. All Slots Payout the Same

Truth – Each casino slot game has its unique return-to-player rate.

There is a reason why all slots, whether land-based or virtual, comes with a unique RTP. All slots do not pay out the same because they are made uniquely with different RTP. This is done so that the experience and payment rate they offer players are different.

If any two slots come with the same RTP, it isn’t because they were created to pay or behave like each other; it is a mere coincidence at best.

9. Players Don’t Need To Understand Paytables

Truth – Pay tables are very important to use the right strategy with pick’em slots.

A paytable tells you all you need to know about the slot. Do well to note that paytables will give you betting requirements to activate some special symbols. Also, it makes the slot’s gameplay more meaningful. For instance, you get to understand why a win was triggered or why your spin resulted in a loss.

Always take the time to study and understand the paytable of any slot machine you select before you play.

10. Slots Are Truly Random, and There Is No House Edge

Truth – Slot outcomes are random and there is an house edge built-in.

There is always an RTP and a holding percentage. RTP stands for ‘Return To Player, ‘ which is the potential winnings predicted to be made by players in the long run. So if the RTP of a game is 97 percent, 97 percent of the cash wagered on it is supposed to be returned in the form of winnings to the participants. The casino withholds the remaining 3 percent, which returns to the casino over time.

how to calculate RTP in slots
Wondering how to calculate RTP in slots? Just subtract the house edge!

11. Hackers Can Cheat Online Slots

Truth – It’s nearly impossible, but if they do, it’s a punishable criminal offense.

This isn’t exactly true. Online slots are designed with the aid of technology in a way that they are safe and secure. However, there have been incidents of a few persons who have tried to hack slot machines and failed or got caught in the process.

If you are considering hacking or cheating online slots, you may end up wasting your time and probably wasting money. There are also legal consequences for trying to hack a casino machine.

12. Casinos Can Remotely Adjust Winning Chances

Truth – Technically, it can be done, but it’s illegal, and no reputable casino would do such a thing.

Casinos can preset the odds of slot machines in line with set regulations. However, no casino would remotely tamper with a slot machine to either boost or reduce players’ winning chances. If a slot machine is faulty or considered not random, it is taken out of service, recalibrated, and brought back after fixing.

Furthermore, adjustment or fixing of slot machines will never be carried out during play. So remote tampering is completely out of the picture for reputable casinos.

13. Casinos Hide High-RTP Slots Away From Your Sight

Truth – Hiding high RTP slots has no benefits to any casino.

There is no way casinos will hide slots with high RTP from players as that will be unfair and probably chase off punters. Casinos wouldn’t have them if they didn’t need to have high RTP slots because the purpose of having these slot machines is for the players to enjoy! 

Any casino guilty of hiding slots with high RTP can be fined by the respective regulatory body once reported.

14. A Player’s Betting Pattern Influences the Slot’s Payouts

Truth – Your betting pattern has no effect on slot payouts.

This is one of many slot myths that is almost difficult to debunk, but it is also not true. No method of betting can manipulate how a slot pays. Players choose to bet differently according to the strategy they prefer. However, this in no way affects the way a machine will payout.

Everything about how a slot operates and pays out is made to be random, and this helps to maintain some level of security and unpredictability.

15. You Can Only Win Big By Betting the Maximum

Truth – Maximum bet will give big wins, but it’s not the only or main criteria.

This slot myth is not entirely false, but it is not exactly a fact either. However, what is true is that there is such a thing as using the max bet, which will unlock new prizes and symbols. This may give you more opportunities to make wins, but it doesn’t affect a slot machine’s RTP in any way. The best way to make as many wins as possible is to take advantage of bonuses and wait for luck.

Slot myths and misconceptions are widespread and are not going anywhere anytime soon. Nevertheless, the primary slot truth is that your success is down to luck.

This article was published on December 3, 2020, and last updated on February 21, 2021.

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