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Why Do You Always Lose At Slots

Nearly everyone loses a large chunk of their money on online slot games at certain times. However, others have yet to triple or double their bankroll when playing slot machines. Are you experience a dry spell when playing slot machines? Let us get you out of the slump by knowing the reasons you are constantly losing at slots.

5 Reasons You Lose at Slot Machines

Below are five of the most common reasons why certain people have lost lots of money on slots.

Not Considering the Slot’s Variance

A slot’s variance or volatility is a measure of how often you can expect to hit a winning combination. Generally, frequent wins pay lower amounts, and rarer payouts tend to be larger.

Have you spun the reels of a specific slot and barely got any wins out of the game? Chances are high you are playing a high variance slot. Variance is a measure of the risk involved in a game, which also affects the rewards you can get from single wins. A majority of high variance games consist of progressive slots that offer a humungous payout for incredibly lucky risk-takers.

You can avoid this by noting down the variance of a slot machine and picking medium or medium-low volatility ones. Low variance slots are not recommended. While you can get a substantial number of wins per spin, low variance games reward you with a small payout on each of these wins. Medium variance titles give you the right amount of risk vs reward that you can expect a substantial slot machine payout on your wins.

Playing Without a Profit and Loss Limit

“Stopping while you are ahead” is a saying that all casino patrons should always take note of. Even if you are raking in thousands of dollars from slot machine payouts, it means nothing if you lose all of them from trying to increase your winnings.

It pays to set a profit limit or the number of winnings you plan on accumulating from slot machines. This helps you find the right point in time to quit. Walking away from a casino with more money than your initial slot bankroll is always a sign of a winner.

Having a loss limit or expected money loss when play slots can also help mitigate that feeling of regret. Patrons tend to chase their losses by tapping into their credit cards for more funds, which makes the loss more painful than before. By setting a bankroll for slots, you can reduce the mental stress of losing at slot machines.  

Drinking Alcohol While Playing

Las Vegas and California casinos tend to have floor staff and waiters offer free drinks to patrons who are posted on their slot machines. Even in casinos that do not offer free alcohol, drinks are very accessible to patrons within most brick-and-mortar gambling establishments.

Alcohol tends to make unwilling patrons free up their spending restrictions, which is why intoxicated players are likely to bet more money than they would comfortably have.

Taking up a casino’s free drink or enjoying an alcoholic beverage while playing slots is not discouraged. However, it pays to know how much alcohol you can tolerate before you lose focus on your slot machine spending limit.

Playing to Earn Comps

This is understandable since there are so many tempting comps you can grab by simply playing such as limo rides, free rooms, golf passes, casino cash backs, and much more. The majority of these comps are attractive to most people and they are just several hundreds of spins away from your reach.

Despite how they look, comps are not worth spending thousands of dollars on each slot spin. Given the odds of getting a sizable return on your spin, you are likely to be short of points or wagers to get the casino bonus rewards you want.

Ignoring Slots Casino Bonuses

Having extra cash gives you more chances of winning that big payout. Fortunately, the majority of gambling sites often provide new and existing patrons with that extra cash through online casino welcome bonuses.

New members of a site tend to miss out on these casino match bonuses because they made their first deposit without checking on the minimum requirement of these promotions. Anytime you sign up to a casino, it pays to go through their promotions page to see if you are eligible for any of their bonuses by depositing a minimum amount. If you happen to miss the welcome bonus, you still have plenty of chances to get extra slot money with promotions for existing patrons such as reload bonuses.

why do you always lose on slot machines
Why do I always lose on slot machines?

How to Increase Slot Payouts

When you need more ways to avoid losing at slot machines, here are three solid tips to use.

Max Your Bet

As unbelievable as this sounds, you stand to gain more when you max out your bet on any slot machines. Most slots have bonus features, including free spins and fixed jackpots, that set the wagering base on your last spin. With a maximized bet, you can get the most out of any slot’s bonus feature.

Grow Your Bets After Winning Big Payouts

Before maximizing your bet, it pays to grow your bankroll first after getting some substantial returns on a few of your spins. This is possible by playing medium variance slots,  which lowers your risk of losing at slot machines faster than playing high variance ones.

Try the Free Online Slots

Beginners tend to get blindsided by uncommon bonus features while regular patrons frequently miss out on a golden opportunity for various titles because they are unaware of the games. It is worth going through free online slots to be familiar with new and unusual titles among casinos. Your experience with free games can help you make the right choice for huge payouts among specific slots.

Lastly, online slots have much higher RTP rates on average, when compared to land-based casino slots. This is due to the fact that operating an online casino site has much lower expenditures than a land-based one (and therefore, better margins which allow them to be more flexible on returns to players).

Make sure you learn how to pick a good slot to maximize your odds of winning.

Being knowledgeable with slots, setting limits on your winnings and losses, as well as avoiding intoxication are the best ways to avoid losing at slot machines. In addition, understanding new slot machine features through free games and managing your bets can boost your winnings.

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