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What Is the Best Time to Play Slots – Online, In Casinos & In Vegas

Slots are available 24/7 and can be played on a bright casino floor or in the comforts of your home. While players have the option to spin the reels anytime they want, there are periods when slots are worth tackling.

In this article, we provide the right time to spin the reels for your benefit so you can improve your strategy at slots and don’t get tricked by waiting for the “best hour to play slots” (surprise surprise, it doesn’t exist!).

Best Time To Play Online Slots

The best time to play slots in an online casino is when you notice an attractive jackpot. This is because each wager and each spin have a large potential value. The likelihood of winning at online slots is not influenced by the time of the day.

You can enjoy online slots when you have an extensive amount of free time. RNG algorithms among all online casino games stay the same no matter what time of day you pick to play. A majority of online slots have interactive bonus modes and you want to focus on them without getting disturbed. You want to avoid anyone disturbing you as you make the right choice or move to get the best possible slot machine payout during a bonus mode.

Paydays are also a good indicator of when to play, ideally, a day or two before your salary comes in. Imagine spending all of your disposable income in one sitting on payday, players tend to feel dissatisfied with the outcome when they have to wait longer to play again. On the other hand, losing your disposable income a day before replenishing your bank account should soften the blow.

Weather is another factor to consider when playing slots among US online casinos. You do not want to be on the verge of a massive payout while a thunderstorm or blizzard is raging in your area. Anything threatening to cut the power and broadband to your house can ruin exciting moments such as matching five wild reels in a 5-reel slot.

Best Time to Play Slots Online, In a Casino, and In Vegas
What Is the Best Time to Play Slots – Online, In Casinos & Vegas

Best Time To Play Slots at a Casino

The best time to play slot machines at a casino tends to be when the casino floors are quieter and less crowded. You have more options to choose from and fewer distractions. The chances of winning at slots are not influenced by the time of the day or the day of the week.

Two goals are to be considered when you want to play the slots at any casino:

  1. massive progressive jackpots, and
  2. popular slot games.

Slots with a wide network progressive jackpot will have a staggering amount of bets collected during periods when crowds gather on the casino floor. If you are looking for a shot at a massive jackpot, visit the casino floor during the afternoon or evening. Around this time, guests are done visiting the attractions of the city or conference they attended and are likely to be spinning the reels.

For the other goal of playing a popular slot game, consider playing after midnight or early morning when the crowds have gone home or back to their rooms. You want fewer people on the casino floor if you just want to play one or two specific games. Popular ones that offer exciting payouts, interactive bonus features, or have an interesting theme tend to draw a large queue.

Take note that every physical slot has the same RTP and variance rate at any time of the day.

Rumors about slots becoming loose or tighter at certain periods of the day are not true. With that in mind, take into account the crowds to determine when to play physical slots.

Best Time To Play Slots In Las Vegas

The best time to play slot machines in Las Vegas is in the early morning when the casinos are emptier. Remember that your odds of winning at Las Vegas slots are not influenced by the time of the day.

Play the slots after taking in what Las Vegas has to offer since Sin City is one of the major gambling and entertainment hubs in the US. Anyone who immediately hits the slot after checking in is missing out on so many things that make the city unique. For example, the MGM Grand, T-Mobile Arena, and Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino host concerts, magic shows, major boxing matches, and much more. Do not believe that slots pay out more at the end of the month. Every slot and digital casino game follows an RNG to determine its results. It pays to visit Las Vegas when there is an interesting event happening instead of when slots are likely to payout.

Being an entertainment hub, Las Vegas has a rich selection of attractions unique to the city. One example is the gondola rides within the Grand Canal Shoppe where you can experience a taste of Venice without leaving the US. Are you bringing your family with you? Las Vegas’ The Adventure Dome offers several rides and attractions that will keep everyone entertained.

Las Vegas gives you plenty of opportunities to play the slots anytime and your chances of winning stay the same no matter when you spin the reels. You can even find them at their airports where it is available for you when you arrive or while waiting for your flight. Playing the slots after getting a large helping of everything that makes Las Vegas great is a perfect way to get the most out of your visit to Sin City.

myths and misconceptions about online slots
Common myths and misconceptions about online slots.


Will slots payout increase at certain parts of the day?

Digital slots among US and UK casinos do not have any means to consider the time when picking the symbols in each spin. Every modern slot’s RNG ensures a game gives out the same results at any time of day.

Can casinos change the RTP of their slots at certain times of the day?

Certain casino platforms and cabinets allow operators to change the RTP of their slots anytime. It is important to note that operators cannot announce the RTP rate of their games on their page and adjust it without notifying their players. Otherwise, they can get in trouble with their local regulation office.

When is the best time to play slots in Las Vegas?

This should be when the time is convenient for the player such as having as much free time as possible to enjoy any slots available. Players should also consider the crowd when choosing the right time to visit any casino floor.

Can you find Las Vegas slots that pay out more at night?

Slots that have the highest possible cash prizes are progressive jackpot slots due to their mechanic of collecting a small portion of players’ bets for the massive cash prize. It is important to note that progressive slots have the same jackpot prize or payout rate at night and day.

Should you play slots at night in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a tourist attraction, full of shops, restaurants, clubs, and other locations that would make for an interesting nightlife. First-time visitors should consider visiting the many tourist spots in the city before thinking about spending most of their money on the gambling floor.

Online and physical slots are consistent with their PRNG where the RTP and variance do not change. However, you can get the most out of your slot play-through or get a satisfying experience when you play them at specific times of the day.

This article was published on February 19, 2021, and last updated on October 25, 2022.

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