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Different Roulette Strategies

I am not the be-all and end-all of roulette strategies. Many roulette players have developed their own strategies that they enjoy playing and at times these players swear by them. 

As my readers know, I am a conservative player, looking first to protect my money while simultaneously having a good time when I play casino games. I enjoy going to the casinos – a lot – and I have gone over 130 days some years. Writing and playing? Not a bad life.

Some players aren’t interested in approaching the games as I do, or spending as much time in the temples of Dame Fortune as I desire, but when they do play they might prefer to let it all hang out. Frenzy can sometimes be a part of the thrill, I understand that. I just don’t share that.

So, I have marshalled some of the methods of play and also theories of roulette that players have and I think you might find these as interesting. I did.

Full Speed Ahead

William: “I need constant action. That means I want some good hits and some good streaks. I don’t want to plod along with one inside bet or two. You can wait forever to get into the action. It can be one losing decision after another playing that way. If I went every day to the casinos then long losing streaks wouldn’t kill me if I could come out of it with some big hits. That doesn’t always happen, does it?

“My first way of betting after I learned the game was to bet half the inside numbers at one shot. That’s nineteen numbers giving me a fifty-fifty chance to win on every spin. [William plays the American double-zero wheel.] If I got a hit, which I did many times, I’d be paid thirty-five to one. I would make $350, say, if I were betting ten dollars (I actually bet more!) but I would lose $180 on all the numbers I bet that didn’t come in. I am ahead $170!

“You get a couple of those and you are in. You could be substantially ahead with just a small streak. I like that because then I am totally in the game. 

“Now if the same number hits twice, I will parlay the bet to see if I can take advantage of that. I’ll give that number maybe 10 spins of the wheel to see if it hits again. If it does hit again I might parlay the bet a second time. 

“The question is this: If another number doubles up do I parley that number too? Yes, I do.

“If I find that one color is dominating the scoreboard, I will bet a small bet on the red or black. That’s to take advantage of the colors of roulette. Whoever came up with the colors was a genius.”

[Please note: Speaking of colors, read this next one!]

Gender Dynamics

Cheryl: “I am a woman who enjoys being a woman and I always look for the dichotomy of male and female in all things where it could show itself. Did you ever think of why roulette has red and black as the colors? We can dismiss the green as those two were put in – I think – to confuse the players or get more of an edge over the players. I am not sure of those.

“Black is the color of men. It is a strong color and a dominating one. It is not a happy color either. Black is always the color of villainy. The dead of night. That kind of thing.

“Red is the color of women – a monthly flow and a color of interest and warmth. The male color is looking to control things and the female color has more sympathy to it from what I see. It is a more universal color.

“I enjoy betting red at all times. I will bet red on the even-money bets and if I choose inside numbers, they must be red as well. I will never put any chips on black or on inside black numbers. When it comes to roulette, I have a choice and this is how I make my choice. I prefer to bet the female side of things.

“If you ask me how I am doing betting my way, I can tell you honestly that I am behind in my play but I have been playing over 10 years. I enjoy the game and I enjoy how I bet at the game. And, for your information, I use red chips too!”

Headshot of a roulette player concentrate on the game

Covering All the Bases

Henry: “Roulette is really two games in one as I see it. You have all those inside numbers with a big payout on the hit of a number. If a player just bets one number and hits that number then that is a big win. I mean thirty-five to one is as large as some slot machine lines. Maybe not like a big jackpot but at least a substantial win. 

“Or you can go with those bets around the layout. Some pay even-money, some two-to-one and like that. I like to bet both areas of the game. I feel I am really into the game if I play that way. 

“I will put a small bet, table minimum or thereabouts, directly on a number and I will also place a much larger bet on one of the proposition bets on the outside of the layout.

“I am covering all bases as you can see. I prefer the two-to-one payouts and I will use a double-up after a loss three times but that is all. I once played that way for the entire string and lost my shirt. Three times double-up after a loss I will do but that is it. You have to be very careful using that type of betting system.

“What if I hit a big one on the inside? I will spread some of that win on other inside numbers, maybe four, all near the hit on the wheel itself. I am always conscious that some wheels may be biased even if I have never seen a biased wheel in my fifteen years of playing the game. But who knows?

“I am open to suggestions about how to play the game from other players. I am not stubborn but I do like how I play. It engages me.”

Good Vibrations

Dinah: “I used to do a magic act with a friend Denise. We were Denise and Dinah, ladies of fortune. That’s when we were in high school. We had a whole act worked out too. 

“I do believe I have some psychic powers. Not a lot but enough to see things sometimes in the future. I have had enough times of having a sense of things to come that I truly believe I have some kind of insight about the future.

“I try to pick the wheel I am going to play by sending out mental feelers. I play midweek so there are usually open spots at all the tables. I walk through the areas with tables and send out vibrations. It might take me two or three times to pick out where I will play. There have actually been times when no thoughts entered my head and I didn’t just sit down and play. I waited to get the future feelings. After a while I do and then I play the game.

“Once I have picked my lucky wheel. I then send out my mind to discover which bets I should make. I like to make several bets. These bets come to me slowly. At first, I might just put a little bet to get warmed up. But slowly I get into my rhythm of play.

“My betting is not limited to any one kind of bet. I can bet straight up on a number, or numbers, or I can do some of the proposition bets as well. I will play these bets for the whole session. My aim is to allow my psychic feelings to dominate the game for me. No thinking; just feelings.

“How long do I play for? I don’t know. Sometimes it can be short because my feelings are not playing out the way they should. Sometimes it can be a long session because I am hitting enough to make some inroads in the game. It can also be everything in between. 

“If I am having a good session, I will increase my bets to try to take advantage of the good things that are happening. I have no trouble betting-it-up as they say. I am not afraid of going-for-the-gusto as they say. That is part of the enjoyment; trying to take the casino down.

“All right, all right. Am I ahead of the game? No, I am not. There, that is the truth of the matter. I think that is more because my psychic abilities are not that well-honed. Maybe if I kept doing the stuff with Denise, I might have gotten stronger in the psychic department. I’ll never know for sure.

“Maybe when I retire from my job, I can work out the psychic stuff better than it is now. That is my hope. I know that once I start winning consistently at roulette, I will know that my psychic self is in full swing.”

Roulette player watching the roulette wheel spinning

Playing it Straight(Up)

Carlton: “Don’t talk to me about roulette. It is the favorite activity I have other than being with my girl. In fact, I like to bring my girl to the casino with me but she prefers staying at home watching movies and reality shows. Go figure that one. She doesn’t have that adventurous feeling as I do. I think of myself as a lion, stalking my prey and pouncing. Roulette is my prey. The casino is my jungle.

“I am a straight-up bettor at the game. Six to eight numbers at once. I have a good shot of hitting one of those and if I can get a few hits in a row then it usually turns out to be a good session. 

“I do not like to lose. I guess no casino gambler likes to lose. But I really hate it. Why should I lose? What have I done wrong in my life that I should lose a simple game like roulette? 

“I take the idea of reward and punishment seriously. If I win that means I have been doing the right things. If I lose then I have not been doing the right things. I think human life is based that way. Good is rewarded; bad is punished. I was brought up with that idea and I think it is true.

“I do sometimes go all out by increasing my bets to get back money I have lost. I think that is probably not a good thing to do but I do it sometimes. Should I be ashamed to admit that? Is that a wrong thing to do? Could that be causing me to lose overall?

“I really don’t have definite answers to the big things in life. How many people actually do? Not many I would say. But I just can’t sit in my apartment watching reality shows. I am in a reality show and that show is my life, isn’t it?

“I don’t live too far from the casinos so I can go once a week if I want. If I am having a hot streak over several visits, I will increase how often I go. If things slow down, I go back down to a couple of times a month. I do not want to just throw away my money.

“I am not a big socializer. I am not into going to movies or shows or any of that. Fancy dinners? Nah. Maybe MMA or boxing, mostly on television for those.

“I find that playing roulette is my thing and why shouldn’t I do my thing?”


Okay, my readers, there were some roulette players giving their opinions about the game.

All the best in and out of the casinos!

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