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Can You Split Any Pair In Blackjack

Nearly every player will cut all pairs in blackjack, thinking this will give them the upper hand against the dealers.

Is it possible to split every pair? Do you have an advantage when you cut any pair? We answer these questions by discussing the blackjack rules on splitting.

Can You Split Any Pairs?

Splitting blackjack pairs

Splitting in blackjack is an option that becomes available when you get a pair. If you get a 77, you will play two hands on the same turn. The 7 will be used on the one hand and 7 on the other. You will receive a new card as you play these two hands.

According to official blackjack rules, you can split any pair from aces to kings. Another exciting rule to note is the option to split any face cards and 10. Every king, queens, and jack has the same value as 10, which is why most blackjack tables allow you to treat them like 10 pairs.

Most players are likely asking about the pairs they can split due to the limits on re-splitting. As the name implies, re-splitting is an additional option if you split your hand and form another pair. Forming multiple pairs in one turn is statistically feasible if you play in a table that uses a 6-deck or 8-deck shoe.

Casinos have varying rules when it comes to re-splitting. The most common rule is not allowing players to re-split ace pairs. Aces are unique cards that can form soft hands and natural blackjacks. Management will limit their players from getting more aces with one hand due to the increased player’s edge that these cards provide.

There are also blackjack tables that will only let you re-split your hand up to three times. This rule is why the option to split more pairs will not show on most online blackjack games or why dealers will not allow you to split on physical tables.

Advantages of Splitting Blackjack Pairs

Why is it a big deal to split pairs? Making money like a blackjack professional is all about minimizing your losses and maximizing your gains, which is what you can do when you split your hand. Splitting is a way to take advantage of situations where you are likely to win, allowing you to win more cash than usual during times when the blackjack odds are in your favor. Splitting is another method of raising in blackjack since you are doubling your stake.

An excellent example of a situation where you have the best possible edge is in having ace pairs. You are guaranteed two soft hands when you cut an ace that will not go bust with the first draw, and you have two chances of getting a natural blackjack.

A majority of pairs can also grant you an opportunity to earn more money with one hand as long as the dealer has a revealed card of six or lower. 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 pairs can grant you hands that soften the risk of going bust or provide you a hand for doubling down.

Doubling down is an action where you double your stake and draw only one card. This option is usually risky since you can go bust or draw a low-valued hand. Fortunately, the dealer risks going bust if their revealed card is a six or lower. The blackjack odds are on your side if the dealer stands to lose upon drawing a single card. Use our blackjack chart generator to help spot situations where you can split and double down with the minimum risk of losing. The charts follow a blackjack basic strategy that provides optimal actions for specific scenarios.

Should You Split 5s and 10s?

You might notice how we did not mention 5 and 10 among the list of pairs to cut. One of these pairs is the most notorious one to cut since it makes a player lose their edge against the dealer.

Tens are the worst pair to split due to creating two hard hands with double your stakes. Hard hands have high blackjack odds of busting since there is a good chance of drawing another 10 card.

Instead of doubling your losses, you can stand with your 10 pair since you have a hand worth 20. You can only lose with this hand when the dealer has a 21. Should the dealer get lucky and 20, the result will be a push where you still receive your initial stake back.

Another hand to reconsider splitting is 5. Splitting 5 provides the same chances of winning as other non-aces and non-ten pairs. It would be best if you did not split them because of the hand value of 10 that they form, which is always a good hand for doubling down. 5 are the only pair that comes close to a 10 or 11, while 6 only form a 12.

It is possible to split any pairs in blackjack, but there are limits to what you can re-split if you are lucky to form another pair after cutting the first set. Note that you do not want to split every pair since there are ones that will remove your edge against the house.

This article was published on December 5, 2022, and last updated on November 22, 2022.

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