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Can Live Blackjack Dealers Hear You

Live dealer casinos make it possible for players to experience authentic blackjack gameplay while within the comfort of their homes. Part of this experience is the chance to interact with the dealer.

Let’s look at how live blackjack dealers hear you (or whether they don’t) and why certain players love this feature.

What Is a Live Dealer Blackjack Casino

Authenticity is the main feature of a live blackjack dealer game since it involves actual cards and a real casino croupier. Indeed, each live game has a real-time video stream of a croupier and casino table.

Beyond the live video stream, players can interact with an overlaid blackjack user interface to place their bets, hit, stay, and perform any other betting action. During your turn, you can interact with the UI to indicate what you are wanting to do next.

Chat & Talk Function In Live Casino Blackjack

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Can live blackjack dealers hear you behind the monitors? Whether live dealers can hear you remotely depends on the iGaming blackjack software used by the gambling site you are playing on.

Ezugi and Evolution live dealer games have a voice chat option that lets you vocally communicate with the croupier. You can find this either on the chatbox or at the top of a screen where a headset icon is located.

For UK and US online casino players who are conservative or do not want to directly talk with a croupier can use the text chat function. Dealers in live blackjack casino games can still read the messages of all players on an off-camera screen.

Reasons to Interact with a Live Blackjack Dealer

Why would software providers include the option to have live blackjack dealers hear you? It is due to authenticity. UK and US gambling sites encourage players to interact with the dealers and receive a full casino experience. There is nothing like the dealer encouraging a player after going through a bad rap or being cheered on when you get double blackjacks after splitting your hand. You cannot get this kind of experience from a digital casino table game.

Advantages of Playing at a Live Dealer Casino

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All digital blackjack games among online casinos use a complex RNG algorithm to determine the cards of both players and dealers. Software providers such as Microgaming and Betsoft have been tweaking the RNG of their games to create authentic results. However, every online blackjack casino titles still rely on the software to generate results. Certain players still have a hint of doubt their losses were due to bad luck.

Apart from the authentic casino experience of interacting with actual croupiers, live blackjack tables have other advantages:

1. Real Results

There is a reason why numerous players, including those within the younger generations, prefer going to brick & mortar casinos instead of online gambling sites. They can entrust their stakes to the role of an actual dice, spinning of an actual wheel, and the draw of actual cards. All of these physical objects are subjected to various real-world factors such as wind velocity, finger dexterity, and surface tension. Cards dealt in live dealer blackjack games are not subjected to any digital algorithm, ensuring real results in each game.

2. Card Counting Opportunity

Blackjack card counting is about monitoring the ones that we’re dealing with and the ones that are still in the dealer’s shoes. This is a unique blackjack strategy professional players use to make a profitable bet in each game. Card counters can only do this blackjack trick in brick & mortar casinos since it is not possible to pull it off with digital gambling games.

Fortunately, live dealer blackjack games draw physical cards from an actual dealer shoe. This allows a player to keep a true count of the cards and form a betting strategy.

3. Casino Bonus Wagering Requirement

Every online casino bonus has a wagering requirement you need to complete before you can cash it out. Certain casino games have different contributions to the requirement whereas slots have a 100% contribution. If the casino you are playing in has live dealer games that give 10%-15% completion to the wagering requirement, you are in luck. Live blackjack dealer titles have a better player edge than most casino software. By using a basic blackjack strategy, you have a good shot at clearing the casino wagering requirement with most of your bonus.

Live blackjack dealers can hear you if you wish to talk through the voice chat option. Other than the entertainment value of interacting with actual croupiers, live casino blackjack titles also provide other benefits to players.

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